[Technology] Special Barrel with Degassing Function “DGC”

JSW’s original special degassing barrel “DGC” is one of the solutions for processing a low bulk-density material and high-water content material.

When particle size of feed materials are rather small, the materials involve much air and it has quite low bulk density.

This causes “Feed bottle neck problem” and limited Extruder throughput.

As another example, in case of the materials which contain some water such as polymer flake for recycling, wood powder and so on, the water is vaporized in the extruder then it also causes “Feed bottle neck problem”.

Here, we introduce our developed “DGC (De-Gassing cylinder)” which helps you to solve your feed bottle neck problem as above and significantly increase the throughput.

We prepared the leaflet about this technology.

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[Technology] Special Barrel with Degassing Function “DGC”